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Jeffrey A. St-Pierre

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Welcome to my homepage. If you ended up here because I applied for a job, or you recieved a reference for me, then please have a look at my resumé.

If this page is not the slickest you have seen, my apologies, but it is mainly a learning tool, as I have edited all the code by hand. I also use it to get information out to friends, family and potential employers. With that said, I hope you find it at least informative and efficient. While still in early development I expect to be adding some projects to the menu on the right. Other random useful links are at the bottom.



Who I Am

I was Born and raised in Bangor, Maine. Where I attended Bangor High School. I went on to attend the University of Maine. I recieved my Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management, in what was then the College of Forest Resources. Reorganization of the university later combined the Colleges of Forest Resources, Biology, and Agriculture into one College Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture.

10th Mtn Patch

10th Mountain Division Patch

I attended the University of Maine on an Army ROTC Scholarship, and therefore achieved my commision as an officer in the United States Army upon my graduation. I spent the next 6 and a half years on Active Duty, spending most of it with the mighty 10th Mountain Division.


Véronique at Big Niagara falls in Baxter State Park, 5 Jan 2012!

Towards the end of my service I met my awesome, future wife, Véronique, who loves doing crazy outdoor sports as much as I.

When I exited the military I got a job as the Head System Administrator for the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research at the University of Colorado, where I worked for 4 years. Fall of 2004 took me to Québec City, to be with Véronique and to take a crash course in French at Laval University

After getting aclimated to French, Québec and Canada I then took a job with Parks Canada Agency and we (my wife and I) moved to Newfoundland and Labrador where I held a postion as a Park Warden at Terra Nova National Park of Canada. After 2 years there I took an interim position at Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada as the Park Warden in charge of wildlife research and monitoring.

In 2009, after a short retrun to Terra Nova NP, We moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick where I completed a Master Degree in Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick.



I believe webpages should be useful for finding information, so here are some links that I find helpful, informative or ammusing. Actually most of this list was compiled about 8 years ago, let me know if links are dead:


Travel Guide, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India - Our friend Ram's hometown!

weather - Québec Weather Page


Verbix -- conjugate verbs in 100+ languages

AltaVista - World - BabelFish Translation - Zone Radio

French-Canadian Keyboard

HTML Accent Entity Codes

BBC Education - Languages - French - Le Francais Cool

Dictionnaires MediaDico


Imperial/Metric Conversion Tables


Schlock Mercenary

Sherman's Lagoon Home


Tarot Download

Computer Reference and HowTo Procmail Quick Start

MPlayer Mozilla plugin

Connecting to the Secure IMAP server

Kernel Upgrade

The BOFH Complete

CIAC Sympathy Hoaxes

CVS--Concurrent Versions System v1.11.17:


Code_Punk - Advanced CSS - Lesson 5 - Positioning Div Boxes With "Floating"

video editing

Non Linear Editing

Linux Digital Video - The dvgrab Handbook

Outdoor sports and activities

mt. katahdin

Wilderness Map Order Page


Kahtahdin trails

Katahdin 2000

Do It Yourself Ski Touring Sled


Companion Website, Chapter 15


Bangor Daily NEWS

CIA - The World Factbook


USA Hockey

Science & Research

TeX & LaTeX | ITS

The R Project for Statistical Computing


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